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The why?

One of the most important parts of building a startup is hiring the right people- just ask Y Combinator. It’s the process of asking specific and targeted questions to your candidates that helps you make the best decision to grow your business successfully.

The Problem

Firstly, most Recruitment tools are not suited to collect the rich insights recruiters need. Recruiter's need rich insights with emotions, expressions and tonnes, not the shallow insights you get from application forms, resumes and assessments. Except, this is exactly what most businesses use, simply out of convenience.

Secondly, although traditional interviews help you get the rich user insights your startup needs, they're a time and energy-intensive process that wastes a startup's valuable resources.

The Solution

To solve this problem, we built Haste - an asynchronous video interview tool that helps startups receive the rich user insights they need without the time commitment.

Async video interviews allow you to create an automated flow of rich user insights, all whilst being more convenient to you and your users, helping you reach your decision easier and faster.

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